SecureDrop Support Documentation

Freedom of the Press Foundation uses a Redmine-based ticketing system for all support requests related to SecureDrop. This system offers simple, centralized assistance to the administrators who maintain SecureDrop instances and the journalists who use them. Running a SecureDrop is hard work. We at FPF are committed to offering support during installation and into the working life of an organization’s SecureDrop instance.


The support site is also available as a Tor Onion Service at http://sup6h5iyiyenvjkfxbgrjynm5wsgijjoatvnvdgyyi7je3xqm4kh6uqd.onion/.

Getting Started

Current SecureDrop users should get started by creating an account. Support is available on the web or by encrypted email. The two support methods can also be used interchangeably.


First Time Contacting Us?

If this is your first time contacting FPF for assistance, or if you have questions about

  • installing SecureDrop;

  • an existing SecureDrop installation that was set up without our involvement; or

  • inclusion in the SecureDrop Directory;

please contact us through the General Support channel.