Using Redmine

Logging In

Once your account has been activated, go to the Support Page and log in with your new account.


After logging in, you will be be taken to the Home page. In the top menu bar, you will see helpful links to a variety of resources. The most important links are:

  • Projects: The list of projects you have access to.
  • My Page: An overview of the open issues that were either created by you or are assigned to you.


Click on Projects in the top menu bar. You’ll see a project for your SecureDrop instance listed underneath the parent SecureDrop project. Only Freedom of the Press Foundation staff and people within your organization have access to your instance’s project.


Click on the project link. You’ll be shown an Overview of the project and all of its issues.


To view the list of open issues, click the Issues button to open the issues pane.


Onboarding Issue

By the time you log in, we’ll have created an initial issue for onboarding, called “Onboarding Verification”. Please write a reply on this issue, which will let us know that you succeeded in logging in and finding your project page.


To write a reply, click Edit button at the top of the issue. Write your reply in the Notes text box, then click Submit.


We’ll reply to the issue and start a little exchange to explain some features of the platform and answer any questions you might have. The goal here is to make sure you’re comfortable and confident using the new Support site.


Once we’re satisfied you’re ready to use the new site, we’ll close the issue.

Once we’re finished with the onboarding issue, you’re ready to use the Support site. If you want to additionally set up encrypted email notifications, head over to the Encrypted Email Overview.

The rest of this documentation is for your reference.

Key Features

Creating a new issue

To create a new issue, click New issue and fill out the Subject and Description fields. All other fields can be left blank, although you can assign a priority if you want. When we see the issue, we will respond and assign it to the appropriate person. If we’re waiting for a reply from someone in your organization, we may assign it back to you.


Creating a new issue via email

Sending an email to will automatically create a new issue in your project, using the subject line of the email for the Subject and the body of the email for the Description.

Account Settings

Under your account settings (accessible in the top right corner) you may set your local time zone. We encourage you to leave the notification setting as the default: “For any event on all my projects”.


Additional Documentation

For more information on using Redmine, consult their User Guide.